About Working Rich and Gunsticles

Innovation with balls!The partners behind Working Rich LLC, makers of Gunsticles Tactical Testicles, are just a couple of regular guys who came up with what we believe is a great product.

Working Rich LLC was conceived in Spring 2016 and launched in early 2017 with the goal of bringing Gunsticles to market and also as a platform for creating other fun, interesting, and helpful products for our customers. See the product launch press release here.

We have years of business experience, but this is our first manufacturing venture and we've had to learn everything from the ground up.  To this end we've employed CAD designers, digital sculptors/model makers, and graphic designers to help bring our ideas to life.

We employ a small support staff here in Reno, NV to help ship your orders, answer your inquiries, and provide support in an efficient and timely manner.  With your help and support, we hope to grow and support our local economy.

We are gun lovers, but our passions include operating a thriving business, employing high quality individuals and treating them fairly.  To that end you will hopefully see other products from us peripheral to the guns industry, but we are also hoping to bring to market other products to be sold and marketed through the Internet.

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If you have any questions please e-mail info@gunsticles.com.

Dealers please see our dealer inquiries page.  We'd love for you to carry Gunsticles brand products.


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