New Sticker! Gadsden Flag Balls! Sic Semper Testiculus!

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New Sticker! Gadsden Flag Balls! Sic Semper Testiculus!

We've just added a brand new sticker to our lineup, and boy we are proud of this design!  The new Tactical Flag Balls Gadsden Snake variant should strike a chord with fans of the timeless "Don't Tread on Me" design.

Check it out here.

Full product details:

The Gadsden Flag is one that is near and dear to our twisted hearts.  But, the traditional version just didn't have enough balls for us.  So, we made our own version and slapped it on our popular nutsack shaped sticker design.  Don't tread on these balls!  This 3" tall sticker is great for slapping on your gear or on your vehicle.  Stock up with a discounted multi-pack and pass 'em along to your friends.  Sic Semper Testiculus!

  • UV Laminated Coating suitable for outdoor surfaces
  • Beautiful scrotum silhouette filled our stylized Gadsden flag inspired design
  • Yeah, his rattle is shaped like balls!
  • Features "Sic Semper Testiculus" motto
  • Very sticky.  It's a sticker.
  • 3" tall x 2.67" wide
  • Available in 5 or 10-packs